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BGL API — February 2021

BGL API — February 2021

February 2021 - New Endpoints and Improvements

1. Simple Fund 360 - Improvements

The Simple Fund 360 API now also supports Simple Invest 360. Simple Invest 360 is designed to provide investment and portfolio management for Trusts, Companies and Individuals.

You will notice changes to our documentation with many references to ‘fund’ replaced by ‘entity’. We have also grouped SMSF specific endpoints and listed which entityTypes are supported for all endpoints.

  • 1.1 GET - Entity List - This endpoint allows you to retrieve a list of entities (SMSFs/ Trusts/ Companies/ Individuals) owned by the resource owner (BGL User). entityType has been added.

  • 1.2 GET - Entity Details - entityType has been added.

  • 1.3 GET - Contribution Summary - contactId has been added to reference person to other endpoints.

  • 1.4 Create Contact - mobile now accepts format 04xxxxxxxx and will auto convert to 614xxxxxxxx.

  • 1.5 Create Contact - A duplicate check has now been added to use firstName, lastName and address for people type contact and name and address for other entity, trust and company. If an existing contact is found the existing contactId will be returned.

  • 1.6 GET - List of Contacts for an Entity. For entityRelationships only relationships linked to the entity will now be returned.

  • 1.7 GET - Pension Summary Report. The performance of this endpoint has been improved and pension payments migrated from SF Desktop will now be included.

2. CAS 360 - New endpoints

  • 2.1 PATCH - Company Details. Allows you to update details for an Individual Company such as ACN or whether company is registered or not.

  • 2.2 PUT - Company Officer. Update an existing Officer Transaction e.g Resignation in order to complete the change in CAS 360.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let the team know.

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