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Jeevan Tokhi Head of API for BGL

BGL API — September 2020

BGL API — September 2020

September 2020 - CAS360 and Simple Fund 360 API Improvements.

We have now released the ability to manage document attachments for Trusts in CAS 360 and the ability to retrieve Investment Income Comparison and Member’s Statement data from Simple Fund 360.

1. CAS 360 - Trust Document Attachments

The following new endpoints are now available on Staging and Production. You can download

2. Simple Fund 360 - Report - Investment Income Comparison

The Investment Income Comparison Report displays the amount of income received from each investment during the year and compares this against the expected income to be received based on data from the ASX and Iress.

GET Report - Investment Income Comparison

3. Simple Fund 360 - GET Report - Member’s Statement

The Member’s Statement will report each Member Account’s balances, movement, Preservation components and Taxation components for a period.

GET Report - Member’s Statement

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