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BGL API — June 2020 - CAS 360 API

BGL API — June 2020 - CAS 360 API

June 2020 - CAS360 Trust Management and Document Improvements.

We have now released three new endpoints to both our production and staging environments for Unit Trusts in CAS 360. There are also improvements for Trusts and Documents

1. Unit Trusts - New Endpoints

The following are now available on Staging and Production.

  1. GET - List of Unit Transactions
  2. POST - Create new unit transaction
  3. DEL - Delete a unit transaction

Released 23rd June 2020

The following are now availble both our production and staging environment.s

2. Super Fund Details will be added to Company Details and Contacts

  • GET - Company Details Where ‘details=true’ is used, the endpoint will return the new superfund IDs
  • GET - List of Contacts GET /contacts & GET /contacts/{contactId} now have a new request-parameter “details” which controls whether we fetch additional details or not (similar to companies).

Each response will add the contactID of the ‘Super Fund’ that is attached

Field Name DataType Mandatory Constraints/Comments
superFundContactIds List of Numbers No collection of unique contactIds which are super-funds connected to that entity (company or contact). More than one ID can be provided.

3. Further Trust Details

Both endpoints have been updated to reflect Trust Relationships and new details

  • TrusteeAppointedDate, TrusteeCompanyId, appointorId & SettlorId have been removed
  • The following keys have been added: Jurisdiction, vestingDate and meetingAddressId

4. Documents - “updatedAfter” parameter

Using this new parameter, the documents list will return just the documents that were updated after the date and time specified. The date must be a UTC date in ISO format: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss. Example: 2000-10-31T01:30:00Z or 2000-10-31T01:30:00

  • GET - List Documents
  • Example - ‘/companies/:companyId/documents?offset=0&limit=500&updatedAfter=2019-10-31T01:30:00Z’

COMING SOON (scheduled for 07th July 2020)

5. New Trust Relationship Endpoints

6. New Endpoints - Trust Documents

We’ve added a full trust documents support in this release, similar to company documents - every endpoint from the /companies/{companyId}/documents resource except the ‘/unlodged’ endpoints has been added in a similar fashion: /trusts/{trustId}/documents.

Any questions please let the team know

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